Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where's Zoe?
All those many years, almost 20... Zoe found her way
into my inner sanctum, co-opting my brushes and typewriter. She put out her blog complete with illustrations, and she had so much fun. But things change.
I opened the studio door on December 22nd, and I found her there, but she wasn't in her regular spot. She was hovering and invisible and visible all at the same time. It seemed as if her tail wagging kept her aloft. I liked that, because ever since her B died, she hadn't wagged that tail too much.
I found a note on 'our' drawing board, it said 'to edit". I am reading through it all now. She must have written that note just before the other side of life came up from behind her and took her down the path.
I know I will need to publish her work or she will haunt me, and also, I continue to love her insights. Perhaps she'll send me even more from the other side of the veil.  So as Zoe say, gotta run, I smell home cookin, but we'll be back. ZOE'S BLOG BEGAN IN 2013 HERE'S A CLICK THIS LINK TO HER DEBUT

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Its a good thing it dint rain yesterday.

cause mischa went out into the countryside
with a big pack of friends and there was a non stop waterfall
all dang day long
one a them people called me to come get mischa
on accounta they thought maybe she was startin to poach water from the
surroundin counties to keep that stream spurtin outta her eyes
i guess them greeks got that reputation for keenin for a dang good reason
mischa told me once when her cousin jack passed their other cousin stevie
he just was shakin on ole jack’s metal box until it almost crashed to the ground
that’s some big hurtin these people do
seems like mischa maybe aint never gonna let up on that river a tears
on accounta it really’s lookin like her elizabeth
aint makin no plans on comin back home anytime soon
dana said she was incontrollable, or insoluble or somthin like that
anyways lots a people stood up and talked about how much they love that ole b
somehow mischa did it too! she had a string a back-up readers just in case
her inconsolability wouldnt subside long enough for her to string all her sentences
i got to hear all about what she said from my aunt lee (pinky’s mother) it was like this:
Some of you know that my nickname for Elizabeth was ‘’ms. why pay less’’. I refer to her this way with great affection, ofcourse. As a Leo, it was, i suppose her birthright, and she lived up to it. That is why the astrological forecast for today, is so appropriate:  Leo-Today you may be inspired to plan for the future and make permanent improvements. Appreciate the wisdom of insisting on only the best quality when making purchases and considering the people who are part of your life. the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet, it means house and house of god.
I preferred the name Elizabeth to satisfy my own aesthetic. The look of the letterforms, the cadence of the syllables. And i can’t stop now because it affords me time to linger on her name, remembering her.
But I know now, I was mistaken, she was   Beth.
Everyday she was filled with a desire to know god, her efforts benefitted all of us.
Elizabeth filled every home we made with prayers and peace and beauty.
All who have loved her and who she loved in return have walked a path wither that was full of her blessings, and we caught a glimpse of her vision.
We understood that she had set an intention for us
to question our an effort to know ourselves.
In Elizabeth’s heart one question took precedence: How would she become one with, in her words, ‘’her father?’’
In our daily conversations she always arrived at the same conclusion:
at the heart of all that is, in the unending beauty of the truth, the answer rests: we are all pure love, everything else is an illusion.
‘’We are not our bodies” was her mantra this past year.
Perhaps as she edged closer to leaving her physical body, she could see the truth of this statement with greater clarity.
“Sometimes I can’t wait to die!” she told me over and over.
I understood and I didn’t want to.
She was so sure, so certain, that when we were both gone from this plane we would have another life together and another...a life without end.
I am searching for the faith that will allow me to share her perspective.
So far, I am still quite lost.
‘’Mischa, where did you come from?” she asked me this all the time, smiling at me like no one else ever has.
My answer to her was always ‘’ know I am not even sure I exist, I mean how do we even know we are here where we think we are, where’s the dividing line?”
I expect now, that Elizabeth may have the answers to those questions.
I expect she has either found the dividing line or found that there is no such thing.
We however are left behind to form and reform the question.
When she was leaving I said ‘’you always ask me where I came from, now i have to ask you ‘’where are you going?”
She didn’t answer me.
I choose to believe she was going to where she already was, to a communion with god.
She has surrendered, as we all will. And that is a beautiful thing, not a fearful thing.
When I consider all of the wise and loving ways she was with me in this world, I have to put down my own resistance to death and agree with her. Our names are written in the infinite wisdom of the universe.
It is not just the memory of Elizabeth that will be eternal, it is her essence.
And her most generous gift to us all is that her essential being is a light and a love that she has wrapped around us. Elizabeth was, in every way generous: with her smile, her ideas, her beliefs, her home, her worldly possessions, her time.
Her love was infectious. She drew all of us to her.
Elizabeth was beauty in every sense possible. And with those eyes, those hands, her kindness, she healed so many of us at the deepest levels.
We often reflected on a line a Jane Siberry song that speaks of our inability to know that we are worthy of love. Elizabeth knew we were all worthy of love. She knew, for her god, was love. We are all “part and parcel” of that love, she told me.It was by her example that many of us have risen up from darker spaces. She turned her light on us and in her presence, we shone and today still and tomorrow still we will shine, reflected in her light. Like all of us, she encountered doubt, everyday. and so it was left for me to offer her a reminder of how powerful herlove was and how she awakened so very many people with that love.
For the opportunity to hand that to her, I am forever grateful.

Beth, Elizabeth, my beautiful jeweler, my wife , my teacher , our sister, our friend leaves us with all the beauty she created with her sensitive hands, her enormous heart , her wisdom and her faith.
There are jewels and sculptures and leather bags and sandals and stone paths and walls and gates and buildings and pottery and furniture and photographs and poems and stories. And recordings of her sweet voice, when she spoke and when she sang.
These tangible gifts of her creativity we hand to each other and to all of those who come after us, remembering her.
All of those things she made all are wrapped in her deep affection for us, her insistence that only through love will we find our way.
In her love, in loving her, I pray for all of us, to continue to walk down that path with her, hovering inside of our hearts.

“I see your sweet side baby” that’s what she loved to say ...with a wink and flash of that incomparable smile.
Elizabeth, honey, I’m telling you now, we will bathe in your sweet side today and forever.

I know Elizabeth would want to ask this of all of us gathered here today:
Please find all the kindness inside of your hearts and make a gift of it to each other.
Know, you are loved.

After that big explosion a words that came outta Mischa, she and ole Peter lit a bonfire, full a prayers, all them gathered round and watched it rise up into the deep dark beauty of the night.
Then we sent up ten hot air lanterns that rose up into the sky  and blended into the starry night.
Elizabeth would have loved that.
Because we are starlight, and we are golden...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

That word "never". June 3 2015

NEVER is a short word with a long afterlife, Mischa told me.
She says she’s worrying a lot about this here word right now.
I know when she tells me ‘’zoe! never beg for morsels while the bipeds are sending their foodstuff down their own hatches!” 
she means NEVER!
If I try doin’ it anyway, there’s hell to pay!
She raises her voice and stares me down!
I hate that!
But now she says ‘NEVER’’ is plaguing her real bad.
She says she might never see her beautiful jeweler again, never hear her voice, never take another dip together in the ocean, never sit across the table and laugh, never hold her hand,
never nothing, no more, and that’s impossible to consider. That’s just down right impossible for me to consider....I’m guessin’
she’s thinking it’s about a million times more impossible for her to consider.
I can’t figure out what to do about changing that "never" into "sometime in the future but we just can’t say when”.
I guess we both got to manage our way through “never”... now.
And she says she never thought that would happen...but it did.

Mαρκέλλα Τσουρής

Michel Demetria Tsouris

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whose Idea Was It Anyways? June 2, 2015


Hey, which one a yuns had the big idea to git in the car and drive a million
miles up the road to pixburgh?   I think somebody's tryin to do ole Mischa in or somethin. She took one look at that place and we had to call in a whole cast a characters to keep her upright. Cheez, I don't quite understand any of this.
Everybody's got their head down and they's shakin it like its all wet. I do it when I get a bath, but i dint notice no water source sneakin up on em.
Anyways every day that goes by dont seem to give her no relief either. I'm thinkin about gettin us a couple train tickets and headin back south. Maybe ole B decided to come back after all. If she did and we aint home to greet her, she might think we abandon her or somethin, which we definitely did not!
I keep seein mischa out there in dana's garden pickin up them red poppies and and shudderin like a big earthquake just rolled through her. Then she keeps lookin up at the sky, like she's waitin for somethin to drop outta it.
Maybe  B's stuck up there and cant get down, and that's what's makin Mischa all shook up. Seems to me sooner or later somebody's got to explain this. I think there's been some kinda mistake. It's gonna be a month on sunday since either one a us laid eyes on our beautiful jeweler. That's what Mischa calls her so I do it too. I'm thinkin if she dont get back to us soon we're gonna be real lonely rattlin around that old swamp without her. Also I'm sorta wonderin if we're also on some kinda diet right now, cause there's a sparsity a left overs fallin my way.
Good think my cousin pinky's appetite aint too good, cause i do hooverin on her carpet and get a few prize morsels that way.
Long and short of it is, its grey inside and out right now, and we sure could use
some sun to lighten our lives back up. Mischa says its gonna be a real extra long time before that's likely to happen. She says it's outta our control. I say, who can we call to fix it?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

ZOE's Back May 31 2015 River of Tears

Zoe’s Back May 31 2015 River of Tears

Mischa says “sometimes people just walk out the door and just don’t come back”. “Don’t matter how many times you go open that door stickin your neck out lookin right and left while your hands makin a salute gesture over top your eyebrows, that one who walked out that door ain’t nowhere to be seen”. Mischa says it happens all the time. But this time for some reason its got her all tore up. I ain’t sure but i think she's thinkin ole elizabeth's gone and walked out that door, the one that people dont seem to wanna come back through. Its makin mischa cry rivers all over the house. 
She knows i hate water, especially on my toes! But she just keeps it up, opens the door, lookin up and down the road, and and creatin a big wet zone. I’m afraid them gators gonna catch on to the new pond in the neighborhood and take up residence. They do that around here. 
Anyways, i’m not sure what i can do to distract her... she seems kinda obsessed. This mornin i got a big pile a pictures off the shelf and sat her down on the couch. I asked her to tell me stories about em. Now she can’t stop talkin! Im typin this blog under the table so she don’t know i took a break from the seemingly unending storytellin session. I really don’t think she noticed i aint listenin with both ears right now. Our friend dana s here and dana’s listenin, so im gonna run out and play for a while. It’s gettin kinda humid in here, thick and alot sad around its edges. Maybe i got to hatch a better plan for ole mischa to restore her good spirits. Dana says i should let the river flow and dont try stoppin it up. She says that’s whats gonna make mischa feel better about the door.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zoe's Letters To Pinky...Squirrel in the HOuse etc... Feb 21 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky, Squirrel in the House, and that ain’t the half a it!!!!

So I have been crazy busy flyin all over the state, and getting exposed to all kinds a creatures, two, four, six and eight legged!  First off there’s a guy from nuyork that’s been hangin around here changing all the exit routes! It’s a good thing on accounta there’s a lot more light in here, and since I’s losin my keen vision, I can use all the light I can get.
Mischa says, that’s true on a lotta levels.
Anyways, Mischa calls this guy a character and shakes her head every time she mentions his name on accounta he’s a whirlwind and pile a contradictions. Plus sometimes he shows up with his children and they scare the three cheeses outta all a us. Yesterday they was runnin in and outta here like banshees, and a squirrel got in the house. The big guy from nuyork and all his children started runnin  all around the house tryin to catch the thing, while it was getting scareder and scareder cause they was all waving their hands and runnin at him real fast. Finally the big guy caught the squirrel and got peed on. Then he dropped it and old B got into the chase and recaptured the thing, then it bit her!!!. I tried once or twice to get a nip of its fluffy tail, but dint really get too far on accounta all them little kids getting in my way.
That was a commotion I coulda done without!. Mischa kept sayin we had a circus goin on.
Anyways turns out the big guy whose got a string a stories longer than from here to the moon, has got a big soft spot for all thing nature related. Everytime he’s here he rescues something. One day it was a red dragon fly, then a little lime green leaf bug, and lizards and bees and yesterday he saved a dang termite!!!. He’s like St Francis, with a long island, long-story twist. After that little squirrel got himself up a tree, the big guy started talking about campin out in the backyard to make sure no dang hawk, osprey, eagle, or owl got em before hi mother came back! Yikes.
Plus we had already been through a lot of real life nature programs when we was in the everglades this time, like that fisher bird with the orange feet, he tried to poke my eye out! Ofcourse my moms rescued me in plenty a time, but still…. Then we got bombarded by a pack a seagulls tryin to eat our lunch, then the parrots were sreamin. And me and Mischa had a cold and it was all just too chaotic and too loud.
When we got home we get a call from one a Mischa’s friends and she starts telling us about these microscopic things that might be animals and then again might be plants or both! And ya cant even see them and they can get radiated and don’t even care, and they can withstand any kind a temperature you dial up and on top of that they can turn their blood inta sugar so as not to get caught off guard should the conditions in their environment go drastically wrong. Egad. The things I can see is bad enough, now we have to worry about these little tartigrates or something like that.
Pink I cant wait to get up there in pixburg and settle into a cozy bed next to you and the fireplace. I could use some warm, quiet, dog time.
See ya soon.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Zoe’s Letters to Pinky and Vice Versa- Oops I Forgot All About God and etc...Feb 6 2015

Zoe’s Letters to Pinky and Vice Versa-
Oops I Forgot All About God and etc...Feb 6 2015

Dear Zoe,
You gettin your tail BACK?  It gonna get fed-exed to you? And then what? How you gonna get it attached? My eyes sure popped open when I heard that news. 
Wait wait....Lee just told me it could be artistic license. Let me know ASAP.


Cheeze and please, am I losin my enitre mind! Kinda like old Elizabeth’s sister with the stink bug tricks? Yesterday I meant to tell you about gettin my tail back, but all I did was make the drawin and I dint even mention it in my letter! I can see from your reply that you caught on real quick. And to answer your question I still ain’t sure if it’s mischa’s makin stuff up again or if I am really in line for a tail extension. We been talkin about it a long time, my whole life really. And now that we’re in Florida I sorta thought it was appropriate to do as the Floridians do and go ahead with a little cosmetic nip and tuck and tie one a them fine specimens of a tail right on to the tip a my stump!  You think that’s vain? Anyway I dont know if god’s sendin me a tail or if we are going to the thermologigist...or somethin like that, but I am seriously considerin  the extension...
On another shoulda seen the armadillo who came by yesterday!
She were busy! She walks just like Hercule Poirot (that’s french for hercule Poirot)  with them shuffling kinda steps. And she’s nosy like him too. She musta poked a million holes in the backyard. Good thing is her snout aint too long so it dont create no trippin hazard. We took a movie of her foragin for her breakfast. Hey did you know she look like a possum under that armor, or maybe even a baby piglet. I dint want to mention it, but I had a little frisson when she wobbled close by the window, I could see right under her skirt!!
We’re goin in the car now, so if I find any biscuit dispensin windows, I’ll report back.
PS. Keep warm and keep your tail tucked for safety. Just sayin, ya never know, if there’s a black market for dog tails...
Your cuzin, Zoe.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky- God, Stink Bugs and etc... Feb 5 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky- God, Stink Bugs and etc... Feb 5 2015


I just got your email about the sloppy jo you got served during the superbowl debacle. And to answer your question, no I did not get my own sandwich served on a plate, not the whole nightlong. I did get quite a bit a hand me downs from the couch and all the various chairs, which was occupied by the football fans. So I aint complainin. And yes to answer your other question, even though Mischa will never again sit in the barker lounger in which she was seated during the debacle, on accounta the bad luck, I myself have not been subject to such austere measures and continue to enjoy the barker lounger, regularly.
Speakin a austere, you people up there in pixburgh got your problems dont you!
Last year when we was up there, there was that stink bug plague, remember that?
Well old B’s sister, Bo, she lives up there too and she says them stink bugs dont event think about dyin out in the cold winter. In fact she was on the big rectangle the other day showin us all how she was trainin one of them stink bugs to do tricks!
She says they’re smarter than you think. Just between you and me I am startin to worry a little about her. I think that winter that you get, where you have to wear two coats and shoes! where you gotta have the ice removed from between your toes with the hair dryer, and then train stink bugs on your kitchin table for entertainment until the thaw comes, well I’m thinkin, you Pink is a better man than me for be able to put up with all that nonesense. Even if we is girls. You got chutzpah!  Hey speakin a chutzpah, two more things: I got run over by a real big pit bull who looked alot like you! I was on my way to play my clarinet with mischa and mark, and this old pit came outta nowhere and started jumpin all over us and kissin us up one side and down the other. We wern’t scared at all, but we were wet and she was wild and she showed chutzpah too. Maybe it runs in your family. Me and Mischa must be in your family too on accounta she had a lot of chutzpah yesterday. Mischa said she got herself a direct line to god, and he called us up to say he had found the other part a my tail!. Seems like good luck follows bad huh? What superbowl? What last call? What new england?   Later.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky: A Pall Falls Feb 2 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky: A Pall Falls Feb 2 2015


I guess you watched the debacle last night on tv...Mischa was holdin her hands over her eyes for most a it. I started doin it too. Then our friend Shannon told us to bucky up and send the good juju to the team, like we do when them stillers is playin. I said, we never really watch them stiller’s games either on accounta we get too nervous.
Anyways we watched! And we all got so excited, first they scored then we scored then they scored then we scored and we scored some more....Then they scored, then they scored, then we put our hands back over our eyes. Then we made a miracle happen and the game was once more within our grasp....we were on the goal line, we could taste the touchdown, we had time, we had the men, we had everything!....
And then some yahoo called for a toss into the endzone! That was when the lights went out, the black curtains were sent for and the pall fell fast upon us all!
That chair in the picture, that’s where we watched the game. Mischa said she aint ever gonna sit in that chair again. “Bad Luck!” she said to it ... uttering the word garlic and spitting on the ground! “We’re leavin that chair vacant, in memory of our lost hopes and dreams!”  she said, and I am not lying to you she was holdin her hand up to her forehead when she said it! I thought it was a little extra drama especially with all the black curtains that got hung all over the place. But guess what? It went and rained this morning, just smeared that dark cloud all over the whole state.

Now if there is a god, do you really think he woulda let it go that far...lettin them old deflategates win the trophy and then spurt rain all over us on top a it....i don’t think so. Whatever, Mischas says them patriots dint really win so much as them dang seahawks lost. But, truth be told, it was a swell game just the same. And we got to make up Legion of Boom songs all night, complete with swagger and tail waggin, fist bumpin and heaven praisin. It’s all good, as they say....and them puppy commercials weren’t too bad either. (But who does drink bud, just sayin...)
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky You Can’t Bite Your Own Teeth Jan 29 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky You Can’t Bite Your Own Teeth  Jan 29 2015

I got your email this mornin and I had somethin to say about all that. Just so as you remember what it was you was sayin, I’m repeatin it here:

The cat who lives here, Flori, dint really explode but she is shaped like a cement mixer and sometimes people call her one. And then she ate DOG food in a serving size big enough for ME.   Lee got all harrumphy about it and she's the one who said Flori's  gonna pop.  So far she hasn't. I seen you have a dog hood ornament on your  car in the drawing yesterday and I also seen you're sporting a fine red boa(french for scarf-). Yunz must got the big orange light on in the sky if you can drive around in a convertible! It’s freezin and dark up north here and I may even forgo (that’s french for skip) my mornin walk on accounta the salt they put all over the roads hurts my toes! Anyways, just wanted to set the record straight on the explosion.

Cement Mixer! So listen up Pink, you should hear all the names people’s called me! In light of this,  I might have to show some sympathy on that poor cat, I hate gettin called names. One lady called me a killbasa. I think that’s some kinda fish or maybe a snake, I’m not really sure. But it did hurt my feelins.
Hey speakin a feelins, today mischa and I drew a duet! She made the big painting on the right and I made the one on the left. Hers is called ‘’You Cant Bite Your Own Teeth’’. And I call mine “Hysteria Over Tyrin to Figure Out What the Heck Mischa Means by ‘You Cant Bite Your Own Teeth.’”

This is gonna take quite a bit of figurin on my part. So I’m gonna run out and get some leftover BBQ from the neighbor. If you and your kin wanna weigh in on this, I’d be plenty thankful.
Your Cuz

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zoe's Letter To Pinky- Exploding Cats and Convertible Cars Jan 28 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky- Exploding Cats and Convertible Cars

Thanks for sendin those pictures of the ceramic dragonflies you got at your house. I mistook em for cookies! That’s why I asked ya if you had eaten any of them. I do have a few questions...Did you say that bad cat that lives there did or did not eat em? And also who was it that said if the cat ate any more food she was gonna explode? And... did the cat, in fact, explode?
I was dreamin about drivin around in a green convertible and I seen a big fat cat sittin on the side of the road, then all a sudden she was in the sky all flyin apart at the seams! I thought you might fancy that image. Also it reminded me of all them footballs I keep seein in the newspaper. The ones that’s all inflated and deflated and conjugated and makin all the moms cast asprin-sions at them pats up in new england. Or something like that.  Lots a talk and no action uh? Seems like people have a proclivity (that’s french for tendancy) to say one thing and go on ahead and do the complete opposite. Ya hear em all the time sayin things like “play nice!’’ ‘’don’t cheat’’  ‘’tell the truth’’  ‘’may the best man win’’. But then when ya get right down to it, no one follows any a the dang rules!  Ya’d think we was livin is some kind a anarchist state or somethin. Who needs rules anyway? And who needs government? It’s for losers! Well I digress. We’re all gettin ready for the big game on sunday, we’re makin pizza’s and drinkin two hearted ipa’s, on accounta the red sauce looks real nice against our green seahawk tshirts and the two hearted ales, well they’ll make the doublespeak on the redwhite and blue sidelines go down alot easier for sure. Not that we’re biased down here in the swamp. May the best razzle-dazzler win!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zoe's Letters To Pinky-Bandit in the Backyard Jan 27 2015

Zoe’s Letter To Pinky-Bandit in the Backyard!

You shoulda been here Sunday night!  Eek I tell ya there was mayhem or mayday or something like that goin on. We had huge really loud dragonflies flyin around above the swamp and they had searchlights beamin down on us. I even think they mighta adjusted my catracks a little, cause I’m seein things alot different now. We was runnin in and outta the house not knowin exactly what to do until our cousin David called us up on the phone. He says ‘did ya see the news?” And we’re all, “ah no we havent seen the news for a week on accounta the thnuderstorm rendered the big rectangle obsolete we havent been able to get past the press one press two lady inorder to fix it.” Then I hear mischa say, “we got a circus goin on over here.” Then old David musta said “a circus? are you sure it aint the cops!”  Then it got all sorts a confusin, cause mischa dint really mean a literal circus, unless she mistook the dragonflies for jungle animals, there’s no sayin really what she  mighta been thinkin. Anyways David called to tell us to lock our doors and windows and hunker down real good with our eyes and ears wide open, on accounta there was KILLER ON THE LOOSE!”
“KILLER ON THE LOOSE?”  we all shrieked in unison, dear dog! what happened we wondered. Some guy had a big old knife that somehow ended up in some other guys stomach, out in our alligator park! If we hadnt been on a mission in sarasota that day, we could been the one with the knife in our belly!  I always knew there was somethin fishy about that old alligator park, makes killers outta nice young men just walkin around mindin their own business, suddenly somethin in the swamp rises up and possesses them from the inside out, and WHAM somebody else is dead as a doorknob! Sorry business that murderin, and sorrier yet havin to live right next to the swamp wherein the murderer is hidin out! With the situation we had, we couldnt write to you for a few days, we was layin low. Mischa said we had to secure the fortress and all its pressured cargo. But they caught that poor kid who got seized by the evil forces lurkin in the swamp and drug him off to the slammer.
Well I’m kinda anxious just from the recountin of that tale, so I’m gonna give the big eyes to the girls, see if I can ruffle up some chow. Hope you’re doin good Pink and hope it aint snowin to hard up there.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zoe's Letters To Pinky-Sweet Memory Jan 24 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky, Sweet Memory Jan 24 2015

I gotta tell you, buttercream icing rules! I can’t get that dang cake off my mind. I’m gonna need some therapy to get on a different track. It’s been three days.
This morning Mischa tried to gross me out so i’d stop obessin.
She said we ate the cake with relish, and that gave me a stomache just thinkin about it (the relish part, that is, green aint in my vocabulary). But it dint really completely cure me from picturin the chocolate delight. I said “we ate it with milk and lamb sandwiches”, which was the truth! I guess vegetarians get a day off when its their birthday, cause we ate all kinds a things we wern’t supposed to on the 22nd.
Anyway we all ended up with a kind a queasy stomache by the end of the night.
So we took our positions on the couch and the barker lounger and laid low while Mischa started openin up boxes and pullin out all kinds a new garments. In between modeling sessions, i re-introduced said chocolate cake, lest anyone forget there was more to be had. I was just tryin to keep the party goin. No one found that too amusing though and the cake got put up higher on a shelf where i no longer had direct access. But the fashion show was fun and we slept in all our new pajamas! Each one a us had a part to wear. Made for some colorful dreams! And speakin a dreams...  I dreamt that i woke up and couldn’t find the cake! I looked all over the place and even went and got the tall ladder outta the garage so i could peer into the cabinet where i last saw it get stashed. Then i hear voices in my head like two ladies arguin, and the more i listen the more i realize its my moms and its really mornin and i’m really awake and their dukin it out with words. Why? Old B up and tossed that chocolate cake (with white buttercream icing and a big daisy on top)....directly into the outdoor garbage can and the garbage collector had been here and gone by the time old mischa caught the drift! Man it was a sad and a sorry time for us two.
Speakin and sad and sorry, some yahoo in the state government’s passin a new law makin it, ok to carry your gun to school!
‘Not so fast bro’, i thought, wonder what part a guns is deadly weapons he dont understand. Maybe he’s just sick a other people so he’s findin an express lane to our demise.
Swamp must be gettin to em down here.
From a glorious day to a downer day in record time, no cake and now i got to duck when i’m sittin at them school crosswalks in case a small angry person feels like poppin somebody. Listen up, if i’m around at that time, just sayin, i can bring on the canine when duty calls. I lived in city’s that had themselves football dynasties and steel curtains, and polish kill bossies!   I know from fightin back, i’m in.  Wait aminute...wait a minute....what am I sayin? Egad.

I gotta go reconnoiter everything. My life’s outta hand. Maybe i did eat too much a that cake, remember the twinkie de-fense? Later.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky- Fires in the Sky, Dog Names and Birthdays Jan 23 2015

Zoe’s Letters To Pinky- Fires in the Sky, Dog Names and Birthdays Jan 23 2015

i got your text message about the dictionary word-a-the-day 'pyrophoric'.....and i think you got a good point. Things that spontaneously combust, they has always had me runnin scared my whole life! And I beleive in messages gettin sent to you from dimensions unknown, just like you suggested. I think this word poppin right up there on the rectangle the other  was a warnin for us to exercise extreme caution if we take one a them balloon rides.
Anyways...mischa said she's workin on the the little speech she’s gotta make at your moms’ weddin.  She said that they aint gettin together to say ‘i do’ on accounta they already did. Thirty seven years ago!. She said when prompted, they’re gonna say ‘i did’ and that’s our cue to do some serious howlin and throwin of flowers and shredded paper. So heads up on that, it may take some practicin on our part as we aint exactly howlin breeds is we?
Speakin a breeds we was checkin out dog names on accounta mischas sister liki has been anglin to get her significant other to buy her a new pup, and he aint exactly cooperatin but liki is more persistent than mischa which is HUGE and so it seems inevitable a new dog is ‘in the cards’ . Which i think means, we is soon to get plasticcredit issued in our names, or somethin like that.
Anyways did you know we had a dog named magritte one time, and that old real magritte’s dog was called loulou...that aint really much of a name is it? We got a friend who calls her dog matisse and he aint even a boy dog! Plus the real matisse dint even like dogs, i guess everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Turns out some a them artists we researched insteada havin dogs, which they thought was too pedestrian, they had themselves oscelots and baby deers as pets.
Einstein wasnt much of a pianter but he had himself a dog named Chico Marx! I like that one, and some fella whose name escapes he got himself a pup named Matzo Ball! Whatever.
i am happy to be called Zoe, which ofcourse we all know comes from the greek word for ‘Life!” And i got plenty of it.
We had a big day yesterday celebratin mischas social security check! We went out to dinner and ate cake and took phone calls from all over creation.
I even got fresh cow shanks all chopped up and tied in a bow from the butcher down the street!   And it wasnt even my birthday!
Or was it?   hmmm not sure on that.
Hey I got marrow to dig out, so ...later.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zoe’s Letter To Pinky: Walk In the Hood Jan 22 1953

Zoe’s Letter To Pinky: Walk In the Hood Jan 22 1953

Pinky Pinky Pinky!
Remember when you wrote to me yesterday and asked my opinion on your wedding outfit? Remember you said, “What about a nice purple boa?” And then I wrote you back and said “Whoa Boa? Aint that a snake?”
And then you wrote back and said, “no that’s french for scarf! “
Well I dint want to mention it but, in the photo you sent with that email, you aint wearin a scarf or a snake, yunz is wearin a huntin jacket! And if I might say so you lookin très butchèe! and that’s french for  Ooo La La! yeah I likes you in that huntin jacket, orange is my favorite color, plus them sunglasses makes you look like you has drawn the line in the sand. Very confident, very  ‘je ne sais quoi pas’!
Also back to your jacket, they say orange is the new slacks, or something like that, so you really are dolled up in high fashion girl. You go out there and pee on them hydrants in the hood this mornin! But hey, is you huntin without me again? Listen your mom knows where the fedex office is at, so if you get somethin worth sharin... just sayin. I know you dont have a big appetite, and if you remember correctly, or if you seen any photos of me lately, you know...I still got my full complement a appetites in tact.
Anyways, I’ll be up there for your mom’s weddin day, cause mischa’s got ta do some yaking in front of the crowd. And I sure do hope you’ll make it down for our weddin, in April. Mischa says we’re all gettin married, her and b and me and all of our families is gettin threaded together at the ceremony. I love inclusion!
Biscuits beckon, so ....   later sister.
OMG I dint realize it and I dint prepare my self neither, it's mischas birthday!
if you got any ideas for presents, text me quick, i gotta get a little quicker on the uptake this mornin. Must a been that marina abramovic video we watched last night, got me all caught up on my navel.

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